Spaceheist is a fast-paced coop game for mobiles and tablets.

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Together with your crewmate you'll need to destroy space-police hot on your tail, reflect burning solar flares headed for your ship and, if you get a moment, you should probably patch up your ship. Oh...and you see that asteroid field you just flew into? You'll want to avoid those too.

The creators

The game was created by Tann and Sunil.

The art was made by Eric and the sounds by James.

Spanish translation was done by Santi.



Extra ships

If you enjoy the base game, you can purchase a couple of extra ships for a bit more variety! This bonus content includes: Plus - anyone can join you on the new ships (your friends won't have to buy the upgrade).  

Multiplayer Questions

We've tried to make the multiplayer experience as seamless as possible, but we do anticipate some questions! Here are the answers to some of them.

Q. Can I use bluetooth between Android and iOS?
A. No. Bluetooth works either between iOS devices, or between Android devices. You can use wifi between iOS and Android though!

Q. What do "host" and "join" mean?
A. One player needs to create a game by clicking "host". Other players can then join that game by clicking "join".

Q. Help! I'm not able to join!
A. We recommend you check the following things:
  1. Ensure that you and your friend both have the slider at the top in the same position (if the host has wifi selected, you must too - same for bluetooth)
  2. If wifi is selected, both of you must be connected to the same wifi network
  3. If bluetooth is selected, both of you must have compatible bluetooth devices (both android, or both iOS)
Q. We've got no wifi connection and can't use bluetooth. Can we still play?
A. Yes - you can use tethering. One player can set up a personal hotspot, and the other player can join it as a wifi network. We've found the creator of the personal hotspot must be the one to host the game otherwise the other player can't find the room, but your mileage may vary!

Q. Can I play over the internet with someone not in the same room?
A. Yes! The host will need to set up port forwarding and give you their public IP address. Spaceheist uses port 1370. Hold down the "JOIN" button until a dialog appears and type their IP address into the box.

Finding a room should take at most ten seconds. If, after all the above, you are still having no luck send us an email at team(at) and we will take a look at the problem for you.